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And I chew on the bones of the day while you sleep soft and warm in the night

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

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I Get Low, Low, Low

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

this amazing picture is taken from Martin Musils Photography of Iceland Volcanoes

In the palm of my hand
An empire summoned
As if it was born
All substance crumbled

It was a vain attempt
At the meaning of life
I should have better ways
Of spending my time

Like climb the mountain
Like sail the sea
Like build my house up
Or start my family

It’s time to get out
It’s time to make a living
I reach the summit
But I come tumblin’ back down

Timber Timbre – I Get Low
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Calmness II

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

via  Convoy


Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Super Slow Motion by Rickard Bengtsson
Shutter: 1000
Iso: 400-3200

Lenses:Canon 18-55
Sigma 70-300
Music:Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile
via: WHATtheCOOL

Jan Švankmajer

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

long time ago i stumbled upon JAN ŠVANKMAJER´s  Version of ALICE and it scared and attracted me at the same time… today i rediscovered his work and i´m overwhelmed again!

The Czech filmmaker and surrealist is a nonpareil artist (born 4 September 1934 in Prague) and his great influence to other well-known artists is undeniable – such as TIM BURTON and TERRY GILLIAM (WIKIPEDIA say-so).

CZECHOSLOVAKIA , 1990 10 min –  Director / Writer Jan Svankmajer

Tma/Světlo/Tma (Darkness/Light/Darkness), 1989 via >>

COLLAGE via Toys and Techniques

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The American Grotesque

Dienstag, 16. November 2010

let me introduce you to the miraculous and marvellous world of astonishment – DIANE ARBUS.
I “met” her in a sleepless night last week in a thrilling movie called FUR- AN IMAGINARY PORTRAIT OF DIANE ARBUS and now her intense Photographs won´t get out of my head!

Tattooed Man at a Carnival, MD, 1970

Retired Man and his Wife at Home in a nudist Camp one morning – N.J, 1963

Mexican Dwarf in his Hotel Room in New York City – NYC, 1970

Go Outside

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

I love this Picture made by Anna Ådén. I found it today on Clemens Blog.

And I promise, you will feel a warm sun-reflection on your skin, when you hear this great song from the Cults at the same time!

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T-t-t-tip on the Tightrope

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010
okok, nun ist es Zeit Ihnen eine der wundervollsten Damen überhaupt vorzustellen…
Lady and Gents, treten Sie näher, setzen Sie sich und schauen Sie ganz genau hin! Ist Sie nicht zauberhaft, diese Ms. Monae!?
Ihre Stimme, ihre Erscheinung und diese Energie, welche sich in jedem Ton und durch jede Bewegung aufs Neue zu steigern scheint. Ich kann nicht weggucken, mir kaum einen Wimpernschlag verzeihen…

Wesley Willis

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

this is my desk. ok ok only a little part of the things which are on my desk.
essentially i like to show you the floral- ink drawing. it was a great “schöneberger” flea market- find and this great card with amazing  colours- drawn by Wesley Willis (May 31, 1963 – August 21, 2003). i love his work so much!

Wikipedia knows it better:

“Wesley Lawrence Willis was a busker, musician, comedian and artist from Chicago. A diagnosed chronic schizophrenic, he gained a sizable cult following in the 1990s after releasing several hundred songs of simple but unique music, with emphasis on his humorous, bizarre, and frequently obscene lyrics. In addition to his large body of solo musical work, Willis fronted the punk rock band the Wesley Willis Fiasco. He also produced hundreds of unusual colored ink-pen drawings, most of them of the Chicago skyline and CTA buses.”

Besides the fact, he sang about all the things i like e.g. McDonalds, Batman i´m not really into his music…guess why?!
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das ist Berlin, wie’s weint und wie´s lacht

Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Jetzt, angekommen in Berlin. Kopf reist noch nach.

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Berlin, Berlin, Du bist ein heißes Pflaster
wer Dich nicht kennt, verbrüht sich leicht den Fuß
Wo die Moral wohnt, wohnt auch gleich das Laster
und der Verriß blüht neben süßem Schmus
Berlin, Berlin, hier lebt der Mensch gefährlich
und rutscht er aus, dann dreht sich keiner um
Doch haut er hin, dann ist er der Beifall ehrlich
- Berlin, Berlin, Du bist mein Publikum

Berlin, Berlin, wenn Deine Blumen sprießen
da draußen, in der Laubenkolonie
sieht man Dich steh´n und fleißig sie begießen
das Rosmarin und auch den Sellerie
Fühlt Mutter ihre Lebenszeit verfließen
im Testament wird schnell noch angebracht
Vergeßt mir nur nicht, Vatern zu begießen
- Das ist Berlin, wie’s weint und wie es lacht
- das ist Berlin, wie’s weint und wie es lacht

In The New Year

Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

oh I’m still living
/ at the old address /
and I’m waiting on the weather
/ that i know will pass
/ i know that its true-its gonna be a good year
/ outta the darkness-and into the fire
/ ill tell ya i love ya
/ and my hearts in the strangest place
thats how it started
/ and thats how it ends

/ and i know your with me
/ its a point of pride
/ and its louder then lighting /
in this room of mine

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i feel the truth, that trifles make the sum of life

Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

hello you lovely people, hope you enjoyed the quiet christmas days like you deserve it! now i have a bad cold and after some days at home with my lovely family (eating the whole day) i´m lying in bed hearing CHARLES DICKENS i´ve just made my favourite dish from my childhood and delicious stewed apples  to recover! wish you a wonderful week…

Dickens Stamps

Oh Hello!

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

welcome, i´m happy you´re here…
finally my little blog is renewed with a lot of love  (uh, half-done yet!) and i hope you will like it!
perhaps i will write more often from now on :)


Samstag, 28. November 2009

usally i do not write about these personal things but today i´d like to make an exception: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my older and wiser brother Benedikt (he´s the second part of THE BAKERY and the other part of my brain).
I LOVE this picture…
As we were little he was an extraordinary “Frechdachs” but for now it´s getting better and better. Alle Liebe, Aennie.

The Mariners Revenge

Donnerstag, 12. November 2009


Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazer Motif Cardigan

Lazy Oaf Shipmate
Minimarket Shoes

moby dick cinema

modest mouse dashboard

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