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Hang Up!

Sonntag, 31. August 2008

this week i dedicated my time creating this wardrobe which idea haunted me for months. with the incredible help and sawing skills of my brother the tree grew out of itself. after coupling the “twins” with a rack i lacquered the in- and outside with white colour. i leave the edges blank so that the wood structure gives the silhouette a remarkable touch! i can´t wait the colour to dry to hang up my new aenniemal dresses…






1260 GRAD

Freitag, 15. August 2008

i found a wonderful shop called 1260 GRAD last week in munich where i bought that vase- perfect shape and size with a really special structure. they sell very lovely self- made pottery and i could spend hours snoopin around…right across the street i got this spray of dahlias to give the vase a perfect accessory!

Jazz in Montreux

Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

i found these picture while sneaking around in my photo archive and it seems like i´ve forgot to post something about my trip to montreux jazz festival in switzerland.  it was a really wonderful evening with amazing music and i really would love to come again next time if the line up is as good as this time. i witnessed great performences of Adele, Mark Ronson and Jill Scott. and then danced the night away to the beats of Dan le Sac at the Miles Davis Hall Club.         “…The Beatles- Just a Band….”