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Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2008

this little masterpiece is my greatest inspiration. vincent is a 1982 stop- motion short film written and directed by tim burton. i could watch it all the time!

 ”Vincent Malloy is seven years old 

He´s always polite and does what he´s told

For a boy his age, he´s considerate and nice

But he wants to be just like Vincent Price” 

YouTube Preview Image 


Meet My Ghost!

Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

this is one of my most sinister creatures I´ve ever made. transformed out of wool the crocheted ghost donated itself for my sisters birthday to kick up a breeze…ghost.jpg


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2008

one year ago I introduced kids into the real shit…on a tv show- called pokito tvI showed how to lace sneakers in the right way. Hmmm? I don´t know if I am allowed to post the video…?!…but HA! feel free to ask me.



Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2008

      its a design of my recent collection. imagine…that shirt is already done!fashion.jpg  


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2008

it was like an illusion! on a nice winter day in mallorca/spain the bike of my greatest dreams appeared. chained and alone…not only rednecks 

Musikclub #1

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

first edition starts: 25th of january! YEAH… musikclub2.jpg